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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: I've been working on stage and screen since I was eight years old, and never stop finding new reasons to love it. My qualifications include a BA from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, roles in professional theater ranging from Shakespeare to Chekhov, and (you might remember me from) a long running role as “Stacey Dillsen” in Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, iCarly, and Sam & Cat. I believe that theater training holds the key to empowering children (and grown-ups) with knowledge of themselves and compassion for each other, unlocking the tools that allow them to remember that we’re all the same deep down inside. I am so looking forward to sharing the things I love best about this profession, and I cannot wait to see what my students have to teach me.  



For Ages 9-14

Saturdays, 1pm to 4pm, June 4 - August 27 in NYC

$450 (payment plan available on request)


How does an actor bring a character to life? How do they take a handful of lines and turn them into believable stage behavior? How do they do this in front of an audience of strange and potentially frightening strangers? With three things: imagination, courage, and technique. I'm hoping I can help you with all three. 


This class is designed for young adults who consider themselves beginning-to-intermediate acting students. Over the course of twelve weeks, you'll strengthen your ability to build the world of your character for yourself, to relate authentically to your acting partners on stage and screen, and to communicate your work effectively to an audience so that they become participants in your art. We'll explore these concepts through monologues and scenes assigned in class, culminating in a presentation for friends and family in the 13th week of class. 


TO APPLY: Please have your parent or guardian email me at with your resume or a brief summary of your previous performing experience. Please include 'New Student - TAKING THE STAGE' in the subject line. 





For All Ages

Ongoing in NYC (current as of 2016)



Whether preparing for a big audition on the horizon, or preparing a dream role for your own enrichment, an outside perspective with an experienced eye is often needed if one wants to reach that next level. Through scene study and emotional prep, I offer an opportunity to deepen your work and widen your outlook on your character to enable you to bring as much of your instrument to bear on your performance as possible, and to give you the tools you need to succeed and grow in your chosen material. 


TO APPLY: Please email me at with your resume and a brief summary of the nature of coaching you're looking for. Please include 'PRIVATE COACHING' in the subject line.